How To Do SEO for Mobile Car Detailing Business?

How To Do SEO for Mobile Car Detailing Business

Mobile Auto Detailing SEO

Mobile car detailing is a profitable business to bootstrap and can help you make more money with the tools you already have in your garage. Every business loves to have more customers for their mobile detailing services,  however, they are unaware of the ways to get it. One of the most profitable and popular ways is to gain more customers by focusing on the SEO of your business. 

Do you know that nearly 4 out of 5 customers use search engines to hire local services?!

So, putting effort into SEO for your mobile car detailing company can help make the most out of it. But what does it take to nail SEO for your mobile car detailing site? Here is everything you get to read in this article:

  • What is Mobile Car Detailing?
  • How to Start Your Own Mobile Car Detailing Business? 
  • What is SEO? 
  • How to do SEO for Mobile Car Detailing? 
  • How to Make a Website for a Mobile Car Detailing Website? 

So, let’s begin to walk through a detailed guide about what you can do to rank your mobile car detailing business well on all popular search engines. 


What is Mobile Car Detailing?

How To Start A Mobile Car Detailing Business


The term itself defines the act of performing a thorough cleaning, restoration, and finishing of automobile vehicles while being at the client’s location. All the activities performed in car detailing are intended to show-quality cleanliness and polishing finish. However, today mobile car detailing is carried out both on the interior and exterior of the vehicles depending upon the customer’s requirements. 

As discussed above, Mobile Car Detailing Services are of two different categories:

  • Exterior Detailing – Cleaning and Restoring the Car’s paint, trim, windows, wheels, and tires. 
  • Interior Detailing – Deep cleaning the vehicle’s interior with the help of vacuuming, upholstery stain removal, and leather cleaning.


Car Detailing services are just like other automotive services performed to groom and give a new appealing look to the product. Even professional car wash services are also included in mobile car detailing to provide a tidy and finishing look. Mobile detailing has become more prevalent in recent years as people have hectic routines and prefer these services to save time and effort. 


Car Wash & Auto Detailing Revenue in 2022 

 $13.7 Billion

Growth Rate in the US (2017 – 2022)


Car Detailing Prices Range

$50 – $350

Base Pay for Auto Detailers (in the US)

$45,000 (Annually)

Therefore, starting your own mobile detailing business can offer a way to get a good piece of the market and build a profitable business. However, challenges exist whenever a person starts a business. 


How to Start Your Own Mobile Car Detailing Business? 

Whenever individuals start a business, they have to work hard and hardest to get enough knowledge of the relevant field. Similarly, when you start a mobile detailing business, there are several elements that you have to bring under consideration, like mobile car wash licenses, permits, packages, and lots more. Fortunately, you are on the right track, as this article will put you on the road to entrepreneurial success. 


Step 1: Evaluate and Decide If Detailing Business is Right for You

Everything comes with pros and cons in its pocket. While starting a detailing business, you have to check both sides of the picture before deciding whether it’s the right path for you. 

  • Pros of Mobile Car Detailing Business
    • Inexpensive – It requires very little investment to start a mobile car detailing business. 
    • Good Profit – Car Detailing has a high-profit margin behind each customer. 
    • Flexibility – You can schedule appointments with the customer according to your ease and availability. 
  • Cons of Mobile Car Detailing Business
    • Demanding customers – At times, customers can be very particular about car detailing.
    • Rich Dense Market – Many car wash businesses have come into operation over recent years.


Step 2: Find out How Much Does it Cost to Start a Car Detailing Business? 

Generally, a mobile car detailing business startup costs $4,500 to $28,00. The low-cost range includes purchasing used detailing tools, trailers, and transportation. The high-cost end includes buying the latest detailing tools and renting physical locations for services. However, the car detailing tool kit price ranges from $2,000 to $15,000. 

Detailing Business Startup Costs

Ballpark Range 


Setting up a Business name and corporation

$150 – $200


Licenses and Permits

$100 – $300



$100 – $300


Business Cards and Brochures

$200 – $300


Websites Setup

$1000 – $3000


Trailer for Equipment

$1000 – $4000


Car Detailing Tools

$2000 – $15000


Deposit on Physical Location

$0 – $5000



$4550 – $28,100



Step 3: Determine Your Detailing Services

You can use a different package of services, in which a basic detailing service could include a wash and wax, vacuuming, and cleaning of all non-fabric interior objects. Whereas a full car detailing package includes the following services:

  • Fabric Stain Removal and Entire Interior Cleaning
  • Trim Paint Repair
  • Engine Cleaning and Oiling
  • Tire Cleaning

The price tag for the basic package ranges from $75 to $150, depending upon the size of the vehicle. However, the complete service package starts from $250 and goes higher depending on customer demand. 


Step 4: Registration and Business Launch

Once after deciding the service, location, and name of the business, the most crucial step is getting your business registered. It includes paying taxes, raising capital, opening bank accounts, and other expenses to run things. 

Then comes the requirement to apply for mobile car detailing business licenses from the local, state, and federal governments. Meanwhile, you have to also apply for business insurance which will protect you from unexpected events and devastating impacts on your business. 

As the opening days of a business near, after reviewing everything, here comes the time to develop your own mobile car detailing business website. Moreover, you need to work on marketing your business’s digital platforms to boost customers and brand awareness. So, now let’s drive through a kickstart marketing plan; you can use it to increase awareness of our offerings and build your brand. 


What is SEO? 

SEO – Search Engine Optimization is a technique of finding specific keywords and phrases that users around the world are searching for when they are looking for some information, product, or service. It is a magical technique to attract business from customers looking for different services. 

SEO marketing is quite beneficial because you can generate organic users for your website by using SEO-oriented content. But do remember that it takes more time and patience, but the results are more significant and long-lasting. 


How to do SEO for a Mobile Car Detailing Business Website? 


How To Do SEO for Mobile Detailing Business


Here are some tactics you need to focus on to nail local SEO for your mobile car detailing business. 


  • Optimize Your Car Detailing Website Content 

When new users visit your website, it should be pretty easy for them to spot information about your business, like where you are located and what type of business you run. No user likes to struggle to find this essential information. In this case, there are chances for the consumer to leave your site and head to a competitor’s website. 

Here is how to optimize your website content and make everything crystal clear for your customers. 

  • Include business name, address, and contact details on every page of the website. 
  • Select an appropriate website domain name that specifies business type and location. 
  • Associate your car detailing business with the local area as much as possible. 


  • Work on Local Listings

Remember that people are not familiar with your brand name and are not searching for information on your site only. They’re searching for services on third-party sites like Google+, Yelp, and Facebook. 

So, you need to get your business listed on popular listing sites. Here are some pieces of advice that will help you stand out from competitors on the list:

  • Pictures of your Car Detailing Business Location
  • Clear Address, Working Hours, and Contact Details
  • Link of Your Website to Set Appointment
  • Make your business is listed in the relevant and correct category ( for car detailing business, it comes under the Automotive Services category)


  • Link Building Strategy

The stronger links you have, the higher you rank on Search Engines. The critical part here you need to pay heed to is to make sure you are honestly spreading these links. Here are a few promising approaches to sharing links:

  • Share links via social media platforms and encourage them to exchange links. 
  • Include your links in the email newsletter. 
  • Connect with other local businesses and offer mutual linking opportunities. 
  • Build links with local product sites, for instance, car vacuum cleaners, etc. 


  • Online Reviews

Gathering reviews from your satisfied customers can significantly help you build trust with new customers. In fact, according to Search Engine Land research, 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. 

At times asking for reviews from customers can be a litter awkward; well, here are tips on how to do it: 

  • Ask reviews in Email Follow-ups
  • Create a Pop-Message on your website. 
  • Inform customers about wide presences to leave reviews on Google, Yelp, etc. 

Besides, keep a critical eye on reviews as it’s essential to handle negative review cases carefully. 

Following these tips can improve your ranking and increase organic traffic as well. However, implementing these practices isn’t always easy, so you can approach the best SEO experts to do it for you. 


How to Make a Website For a Mobile Car Detailing Business? 

Web Design For Auto Detailing - Inero Digital

Website is essential for your online presence and influencing prospective customers of your expertise and professionalism. Just as mentioned earlier, clients won’t be able to find your website directly; you’ve to work on the SEO of your mobile car detailing website to grab more customers. 

If you have good knowledge about website development, then you can build a website for a mobile car detailing business using web services like WordPress, Webflow, and Squarespace. These platforms are pretty affordable, but figuring out how to make a website on this software can be time-consuming. This is the point where you have to hire a web designer and developer to create a custom website for your business. 

In addition to developing a website for a car detailing business, you will also have to use industry-specific software like Shopmonkey, Washify, and Managemart to manage appointment scheduling, invoicing, hours tracking, and inventory records. 


Wrap Up

Cars are expensive, and smart car owners are always eagerly trying to keep their cars updated and fancy. Car detailing is a wealthy industry worth over $13 billion, so capturing a small piece of the market can mean a lot. 

You can begin your mobile car detailing business with little money and expand it either physically or by adding the latest techniques. You got your pocket filled with a wealth of information and are all set to start your entrepreneurial journey and build a profitable mobile car detailing business.